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Stuffed flank steack

-A keto diet blog recipe –

This week, for sunday, as every sunday are supposed to be an out of the ordinary sharing meal, on the table big plate of specially cooked food (could saying graces could be the same lol).

So this is it i bought my 600 gr flank steak at the butcher, hoping that i’m not going to waste it because that’s a hell of a piece of meat :p

ingredients :

  • 600 g flank steak
  • 100 g roasted red peppers (see recipe here)
  • 200 g feta cheese in cubes
  • 50 g (1 cup) baby spinach leaves
  • Salt and pepper

Steps :

1- Preheat oven to 170 °C/ 340 °F. Remove the steak from the fridge. Lay some baking paper or cling wrap on your kitchen bench and place the flank steak on it. Cover with another sheet and pound the meat until it is thin enough to roll easily, about 1 cm.

2- Chop the baby spinach finely. Chop the peppers and the feta, mix all together.

3- Arrange the flank steak flat and season well with salt and pepper. Top with the spinach, peppers and crumbled feta.

4- Starting on one long edge, roll tightly until fully enclosed. Use butcher’s string to tie tightly.

5- Place in the a roasting dish and cook it for 20 minutes @ 200 c

6- Cut serve and enjoy !!!

Serve here on a special sunday meal, with tandoori casserole as appetiser.

The new year eve’s Turkey !

Perhaps with this one we have a new family tradition… it’s a really nice recipe for the holidays season !

So first you take a turkey, this one is for two people it’s a 4kg turkey, then you put butter on it the butter is gonna melt and cook the skin with is gonna have a really nice golden color. You can also put stuffing (recipe available here) in her bottom, i regret but there’s not way to say that glamorously.


When she’s ready, put her in the oven we use this rule : 70min + 20min per kg  at  180C, so for us =70 + 80 = 150 min or 2h20min.

During the baking … just enjoy the smell that’s heaven!

When it’s ready… the real deal began you must cut it without griding it … That’s when i’m asking my sweet half to explain me how he’ve done it : “it’s easy and logical” so he tell me … not really helping Mr on this one. I found a link useful and fun at the same time : How to Carve a Turkey !

so finally we’ve done it ! here you can see turkey and stuffing yummy!

To slow the excitement i would say to be very careful with the baking because our turkey was a little too  cooked, a tiny little bit dry so next year we’re gonna watch her more carefully…

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