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Artic restaurant


Cafe nouveau @ Pentik shop, Luleå


Steaks and cheese from Eastwood served with a view

The Eastwood is the restaurant within the hotel which i present it here. Totally good news, they serve their menu as room service !!!

The entrecôte cut.
For once i tried a new steak the Picanha cut. Really nice tender and fat😋
The cheese plate.

Skylight restaurant

Waldorf Astoria Trianon palace – restaurant la veranda


Tea time @ The Bristol – Wien

I knew that you could go in bar or restaurant in hotel without having a room in it, so at the end of the afternoon, tired of walking all around and before going back in the underground we decided to go in one…

The advantages of taking a coffee break or a afternoon tea in a hotel bar is mostly that hotel are really quiet place so after a busy time it’s really nice to stop relax an enjoy silence before going back to the busy flow…

I would add that in those kind of place service and deco are always a must…

The green tea is particularly nice, perfumed with herbs and very sweet… and an amazing collection of herbal tea and infusion…

The Grand

The first restaurant I see with an entry that looks like a private club… We even asked ourselves if we were at the right place !

still unnoticeable….


Charcuterie assortment of dried meats
Giant prawns with puffed garlic butter (5pieces)
Wagyu picanha Pure Japanese beef 150gr
Served with caramelised shallot and soy vinaigrette
Prime ribs USA Creekstone beef 800gr

We’re really tired so that’s a quiet time, but the food is really amazing !

Bistro North Sea

Amazing timing, we would have wanted it we would have missed it !

Veal tartare…

double ribeye

Tenderloin steack

And as a dessert sundown on the north sea !

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