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Lindau – Lyon

Wien – Lindau

Berlin to Wien

Shushhhh… don t tell her !

Recently, I’ve been asked how I prepare globule for the travel because, if you know her a little you know that she’s a really stressed (even sick) little thing when people or places change.

That’s a question we have thought a lot, because we want her to feel comfy all the time. So we came with that :

So yes, we spike her food with this little help from Bach remedies, and it looks like it’s working !

But nerver tell her, she’s probably feeling proud to do it like a grown up !!! 😝

Amsterdam to Berlin

Departure : 8h00, here we go again !

German motorways are totally speed limit free ! So, you’re at 140km\h and you are the grandpa on the slow lane lol

And the arrival in Berlin at 15h00.

A little stop for your furry friend, in the biggest garden of Berlin : Großer Tiergarten.

Now we still have to cross the city to pick up the groceries at the Rewe supermarket and check in the “Brilliant apartment”, and this is it, the day is done.


After all the good time, it’s time to say goodbye, so this is it disembarkment time !

So… where do you thinks we’re gonna pop up ? propulsed by the butt or sneezed by the nose ? Here the answer :

The nose ! like a good old bogey !

One advice : don’t forget to look outside !

One of my big advice when you’re on a boat in your cabin have a look at the windows and sometimes you can see amazing stuff !

Like below, the windmills farm on the sea at the entrance of the IJmuiden harbour.

Breakfast & coffee by the sea

After a small night, comfort food and coffee are a must !

And finally, sunshine & coffee, best breakfast ever !

Bistro North Sea

Amazing timing, we would have wanted it we would have missed it !

Veal tartare…

double ribeye

Tenderloin steack

And as a dessert sundown on the north sea !

Pee-mail on board

So that’s how dog toilet looks like…

So let’s see if the neighbours are suitable…
hummm interesting that’s it… ok let do my things.

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