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Bye Bye Amsterdam !

… And bye bye Basilica of Saint Nicholas 🎅!


Blogging in Amsterdam

Steaks and cheese from Eastwood served with a view

The Eastwood is the restaurant within the hotel which i present it here. Totally good news, they serve their menu as room service !!!

The entrecôte cut.
For once i tried a new steak the Picanha cut. Really nice tender and fat😋
The cheese plate.

Double tree centraal Amsterdam – a room with a view

Double tree centraal Amsterdam – Breakfast

In one word Brilliant ! Amazing ! Probably the most complete breakfast I have ever see and I saw a lot ! You have all the classic plus all the rest… for example you have all the nuts plus chia seed, sunflower seed coconut shredded… and more… Let’s have a look !

Seeds nuts jams … cereals and granola …
A real whole rack of honey !
Extremely wide bread selection ….
cheese board !
Delicatessen, fish, fruit salad & yaourt….you also can find soy milk and almond milk !
Waffle, croissant, donut and French toast !
Classic scrambled eggs and bacon
Fried stuff like prawns and the asiatic space at the end with its Miso soup !
Asiatic dishes and of course….Sushis !!!

And yes with what you see are really sushis, And yes it’s breakfast ! you also can find champagne just beside orange and coffee… For sure, Amsterdam you know how to live !

And finally my selection, all protein !


Charcuterie assortment of dried meats
Giant prawns with puffed garlic butter (5pieces)
Wagyu picanha Pure Japanese beef 150gr
Served with caramelised shallot and soy vinaigrette
Prime ribs USA Creekstone beef 800gr

We’re really tired so that’s a quiet time, but the food is really amazing !

Double tree centraal Amsterdam – The room

This one is a first, an iMac in a room with a little guide !

You’re forgetting something here ! You also come in Amsterdam to smoke, don’t you ?

That hotel is dog friendly, even more here the special sign that say to do not come and disturb your doggy.

Even better ! here the menu of the room service for dog ! A very very first !

A room totally Globule approved !

Double tree centraal Amsterdam

So here we are in the centre of Amsterdam, the arrival is smooth the road are easy, clean and traffic is low, so low that you can ask yourself if you’re arriving in a capital city, but we’re surrounded by cyclists, we’re not mistaken we’re in Amsterdam lol

We arrived in the hotel parking at level -1.

Dutch people are known for their bikes, their weed and their love for books !
That explain this library in the bar !

So daddy, what does that mean ?

That’s a very good question !!! Lucky us ! google is here !

translate in real time, it’s not a perfect translation but now you know what the sign say !

More information @ support google translate images

Velserbeek park

After a long night constrict in a small cabin on the boat it’s time to stretch legs ! so we find that park along the way to Amsterdam. It’s a really big one, with plenty of different features as you can see on the plan :

Space for dog, space for on leash dogs and no dog space and the most important a big fence all around which mean freedom ! It’s actually a big change because in the UK park are mostly big totally open space too dangerous to let your dog go. So….Here what happens with Globule and freedom :

It’s an important time because we don’t know if we’re gonna have a lot of park space in Amsterdam centre.

Bye Bye !

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