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End of summer sun… the best !

A slimy friend !

Love is in the air ?!

What you’re about to witness can be hard for the sensitivity of the younger ones : the harassment of poor old little Vanille, the old kitty by the young and intrepid Globule the doggy.

The harassment doesn’t keep going long !

Captain Glo !

Aye aye captain !

The Sun is Glo[wing] !

Hi, my name is globule and i am a sun-olic
Don’t look at me like that i need my vitamin D… for sure i have a deficiency… ^^

The keto, the carnivore and the opportunistic…

This photo is a good way to show people how we eat on Keto and canivore diet.

On the left the keto diet with smocked salmon, filet beef with coconut flour and sesame crackers and cherry tomatoes, a bowl of cereal made from coconut flour and dark chocolate soak in coconut milk as dessert. On the right the carnivore diet Beef mince with avocado oil and spices (here smocked garlic as topping) and a bowl of raspberries as dessert.

Globule basically eat whatever she can find ! So we decided to give her B.A.R.F Food (Bones And Raw Food diets, 80% of the food is raw, meaty bones, the rest is composed of vegetables and legumes).

Premiere raw kitchen allow us to take her food every where because it is contained in cans, dry vegetable bags, oil bottles and powder boxes. Before that we had to keep frozen boxed mix ready to eat which were extremely nice and good but extremely unpractical for traveling. Now she have every day a freshly made mix easy to prepare and easy to carry away !

More information : https://rawkitchen.premiere-pet.com/en-ir/raw-kitchen/

Where the hell did they put me again !?

The worst is that i can’t escape, i’m trapped…. 😢….. The stairs are too high 😭

Daddy, get me out of here!

The most interesting place in Berlin -Globule edit-

This should explain that !!!

Globule try hypnosis

You’re sleeepiinngg…. you feellll relllaaxxxeeddd….. Now… Feeeddd meeee !!!!

Shushhhh… don t tell her !

Recently, I’ve been asked how I prepare globule for the travel because, if you know her a little you know that she’s a really stressed (even sick) little thing when people or places change.

That’s a question we have thought a lot, because we want her to feel comfy all the time. So we came with that :

So yes, we spike her food with this little help from Bach remedies, and it looks like it’s working !

But nerver tell her, she’s probably feeling proud to do it like a grown up !!! 😝

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