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Le provencal apartment @ Avignon

Electric boat on the Lac du Bourget

The red lines show the zone off limit to tourists boats

Hautecombe abbey

Chateau St Giles

Amazing villas …. with … hummm fake cows !?

Strange cow ? no fake cow !?

And a glimpse of the place we’re staying at !

Conjux @ Bourget lake

Demeure bourgeoise @ Caluire & Cuire

A posh residency in Caluire center, 30 minutes from Lyon center by bus and subway. That’s where we took refuge from the Garden City mess.

Troubles @ Aparthotel Garden & City Lyon -Marcy l’étoile

We arrived on a Sunday at 15h29. Booking.com told us the checkin was from 15h to 18h, but while en route to this center, we received a call from an employee who told us that on sundays it was actually only until 15h30. When we arrived, he said he couldn’t wait 5 minutes as he had “an important appointment “, so he could not do the checkin and we would have to come back the next day for that. He gave us the key, the list of penalties if we forgot to clean and empty the dishwasher, the kitchen top,… before checking out before 11am, and the directions, and off he went. Anyway, we found our house easily enough and settled in. Not for long though. We never saw an accommodation so dirty. In the kitchen, one of the light switch, greasy with yellow who knows what, fell off when turned on. The dishwasher was not emptied. The bottom of the kitchen unit actually fell off when we opened one unit. The ventilation fan was so full of dust you really did not want to turn it on. The house was very bare, despite its size (2 bedrooms with an empty room upstairs). There was no oven, no washing machine, a very small TV on a cheap TV stand, a small sofa, a few chairs around a table. In the bathroom, the shower was in a bathtub, protected by a curtain much too small. There was only 1 bed table for each (double) bed, with a non functional nightlight in each. The bed sheets smelled of something strong, like too much perspiration washed too often (though you get used to it). The walls had stains in various places. There was very poor sound proofing, so you could here anyone passing by. Obviously there is absolutely no decoration that could give some life and charm to the rooms, it feels empty, cheap, and that’s it. All of that for the price of a good hotel room, in a location far from Lyon or any facilities. We checked out the next day rather than staying the whole week. The receptionist never asked why.

Even the bins look unattended and dirty… yeurk

Lindau – Lyon

Lindau harbour and Constance lake

View from the hotel Helvetia spa terrace, which is a naked-only area!
The Mangturm tower of 1230 and i let you find the Lady octopus.
A view over the Swiss Alps.
The Bavarian lion


Lindau is a bavarian town situated on the bank of the constance lake (AKA Bodensee in German).

Lindau is a really old city first founded as a monastery in 882, and we also have the first map on a woodcut attributed to Sebastian Munster, 1550.

So, it make this town a perfect middle age setting !
Look for the troll!
Old town Hall
Stadtmuseum Lindau
St Stephan church and Notre-Dame Cathedral
As in the UK, most of bookstore have understood that to keep selling books (as real objects) offering a place the rest and have a sip is really important and makes a real difference !
(also see Edinburgh Blackwell’s Bookshop)

The Helvetia Yachthotel breakfast

One of the biggest advantage to be at the yacht hotel is that you’re on your boat but you still enjoy a breakfast service… and what a breakfast ! I thought that after Double tree centraal Amsterdam – Breakfast I’d seen the best, but here i think it is even better, perhaps less international and more german… but with totally new stuff never seen at a breakfast buffet before !!! let’s have a look :

A first, vitamin and supplements so if you forget your !
Gemüsebrühe = vegetable stock as hot drink

Here eggs have faces !

Day 1 : 10h30, waked up and on top !!!
Day 2 : 07h30, totally lost in the sleep lol

Where the hell did they put me again !?

The worst is that i can’t escape, i’m trapped…. 😢….. The stairs are too high 😭

Daddy, get me out of here!

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