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Lindau harbour and Constance lake

View from the hotel Helvetia spa terrace, which is a naked-only area!
The Mangturm tower of 1230 and i let you find the Lady octopus.
A view over the Swiss Alps.
The Bavarian lion


Lindau is a bavarian town situated on the bank of the constance lake (AKA Bodensee in German).

Lindau is a really old city first founded as a monastery in 882, and we also have the first map on a woodcut attributed to Sebastian Munster, 1550.

So, it make this town a perfect middle age setting !
Look for the troll!
Old town Hall
Stadtmuseum Lindau
St Stephan church and Notre-Dame Cathedral
As in the UK, most of bookstore have understood that to keep selling books (as real objects) offering a place the rest and have a sip is really important and makes a real difference !
(also see Edinburgh Blackwell’s Bookshop)

The Helvetia Yachthotel breakfast

One of the biggest advantage to be at the yacht hotel is that you’re on your boat but you still enjoy a breakfast service… and what a breakfast ! I thought that after Double tree centraal Amsterdam – Breakfast I’d seen the best, but here i think it is even better, perhaps less international and more german… but with totally new stuff never seen at a breakfast buffet before !!! let’s have a look :

A first, vitamin and supplements so if you forget your !
Gemüsebrühe = vegetable stock as hot drink

Here eggs have faces !

Day 1 : 10h30, waked up and on top !!!
Day 2 : 07h30, totally lost in the sleep lol

Where the hell did they put me again !?

The worst is that i can’t escape, i’m trapped…. 😢….. The stairs are too high 😭

Daddy, get me out of here!

Lady Octopus

A way of changing a night at the hotel in a totally new experience… sleeping on a yacht !!!

So let’s have a look at the place, she’s a 14 metre luxury Motoryacht, her name is the Lady Octopus and she have a unique lake view in the middle of the harbour. She offer a maritime lifestyle on 2 storeys with her own sun deck with view over the historic harbour, a big sleeping room with windows and separated bath & shower and 2 another guest sleeping rooms with separated bath & shower. And you still have access to all the convenience of the hotel (breakfast, bar, spa, gym…).

In a few word the boat is extremely comfy and well placed in the harbour and we feel free from the hotel and you can still go to the spa or breakfast which is amazing! Perhaps the only thing that’s missing is the sailing part, i would have love to wake up on the middle of the lake and have breakfast in front of the mountain could have been nicer… But that was an amazing experience which make us think a lot l on our way of living and travelling… and perhaps open some dream for the future !


The ladder to access the boat, it’s the moment you hold globule at the end of your arms like a small ball of fur…. surprisingly she did not move a muscle 😱😱😱
sun deck with view over the historic harbour

The 3 bedrooms :

2 bathrooms

The living area

And the more important : it’s Globule friendly !!!

The only other disappointment is that it is a german-centric hotel. Instructions left in the yacht were only in german. It seemed to cater mostly to german population.

Wien – Lindau

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