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For all the wandering hobbits of the middle earth…

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Dawn on the North sea

Warm morning @ sea

In the middle of the sea 🐠 and night 🌛

When google map puts you in the middle of the sea and that’s not a mistake !!!

PaT’, not lost all the time
(thanks google map🤣)

A very quiet crossing on the King seaways

Where are the people ?! (i know there is one hidden in the last photo lol), but i’m out waiting for the duty free to open and noboby, no one, nada… oops! nadie ! That’s the first time we saw so few people, even in the parking space which is half empty… for sure for Xmas you go home not in holidays.

The Globule friendly cabin

The dog spaces outside have double in size that’s really good news !

Germany Austria France March 2019

This is it the annual migration to catch up with family and friends and see how the world is doing out there… So this year, is a really exciting year we go in a lot of new country. Let’s have a look at the program :

Titanic Proof !

Pffff… here we are again I look ridiculous, just because we go on a ferry in few days… but mommy told that I swim like a stone so I have to wear a life jacket.

Find it @ Amazon

I’m sure that’s because of that :

See article here

Pfff I’d love to disconnect her damned phone !

At least that’s an amazing picture 😉

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