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Electric boat on the Lac du Bourget

The red lines show the zone off limit to tourists boats

Hautecombe abbey

Chateau St Giles

Amazing villas …. with … hummm fake cows !?

Strange cow ? no fake cow !?

And a glimpse of the place we’re staying at !

Lindau harbour and Constance lake

View from the hotel Helvetia spa terrace, which is a naked-only area!
The Mangturm tower of 1230 and i let you find the Lady octopus.
A view over the Swiss Alps.
The Bavarian lion


Lindau is a bavarian town situated on the bank of the constance lake (AKA Bodensee in German).

Lindau is a really old city first founded as a monastery in 882, and we also have the first map on a woodcut attributed to Sebastian Munster, 1550.

So, it make this town a perfect middle age setting !
Look for the troll!
Old town Hall
Stadtmuseum Lindau
St Stephan church and Notre-Dame Cathedral
As in the UK, most of bookstore have understood that to keep selling books (as real objects) offering a place the rest and have a sip is really important and makes a real difference !
(also see Edinburgh Blackwell’s Bookshop)

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek – Wien

And taddaaaa !!!

I don’t know you but i can totally see me working on that desk… the place is so inspiring 🙂

No, that’s not the best way to suicide an horse but the best to make him cross the river…. Yes, me too, i’m doubtful… 🤔
In middle age, strangers were so strange that they were represent with animal heads probably indicating where they’re from !? So here it’s not an alien from a doggy planet but just a stranger !
The world has thought in 1507.

Wien Fiaker

Was ist das ?

When you see those two big towers you first think that they are a kind of water or energy related tower, which they’re totally not, they are relics of the second world war fortifications in other word : blockhaus.

Most of the blockhaus i know or that we usually see are on the beaches half trapped in sand or under a lot of vegetation lost in fields, not bluntly scorching the eyes in the middle of a modern city where most of them have been destroyed. But here they stand as immuable reminders of the dark years of the third reich. They’re call Flak tower (flak is an acronym for some german huge defensive anti-aircraft reinforce-concrete tower).

They just begins to be re-used, one now hosts a zoological collection “The house of the sea”, we must not forgot that, primarily they were supposed, after the war, to be covered in marble and gold as memorials and reminders of the german triumph…Lucky for us they’re now in ruins !

One night @ the opera

The meadows park

Hello world!

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