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ArtemisArtemis by Andy Weir
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I am not a fan of the vulgar comic relief style of Andy Weir. I don’t identify easily with this style of first person narration, probably cause I am a prude and don’t “think” like that. Still, I enjoyed the thrill The Martian and thought I would give this one a go.

It took me several pages to realize the hero was a girl, until the first pronoun in fact. As others more eloquently put it, putting Mark Watney’s style into a girl “mouth” seemed even less credible.

And yet, I went on and about half way through the book, I realized I was hooked. I love the realistic depiction of a lunar colony, with geek attention to technical, scientific and sociological details. The story was also very enjoyable, and I ended the book wishing for more.

A very good read.

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