Perhaps with this one we have a new family tradition… it’s a really nice recipe for the holidays season !

So first you take a turkey, this one is for two people it’s a 4kg turkey, then you put butter on it the butter is gonna melt and cook the skin with is gonna have a really nice golden color. You can also put stuffing (recipe available here) in her bottom, i regret but there’s not way to say that glamorously.


When she’s ready, put her in the oven we use this rule : 70min + 20min per kg  at  180C, so for us =70 + 80 = 150 min or 2h20min.

During the baking … just enjoy the smell that’s heaven!

When it’s ready… the real deal began you must cut it without griding it … That’s when i’m asking my sweet half to explain me how he’ve done it : “it’s easy and logical” so he tell me … not really helping Mr on this one. I found a link useful and fun at the same time : How to Carve a Turkey !

so finally we’ve done it ! here you can see turkey and stuffing yummy!

To slow the excitement i would say to be very careful with the baking because our turkey was a little too  cooked, a tiny little bit dry so next year we’re gonna watch her more carefully…