At first you see a sign like that on the road :

First thing i think ‘They really didn’t draw deer like us… might be moose ?!” i chase the idea of my mind, moose are too big animal to be found in Europe, it’s a thing for Canada or USA. And after seeing multiple time the sign and this wood statue on the side of the road :

There are more Moose in Sweden per square kilometer than any other country in the World…. There are 400,000 moose in Sweden….

Wild Sweden, Facts about Moose.

I decided to search about it, it appears that the moose (US word) or the Elk (British word) or élan (in french) is called here in Sweden the Älg is definitely present in Sweden and in big numbers.

In the Highland we’re perfectly know the Red deer which look like this :

photograph by John McKinlay on March 11th, 2010.

I was ready to find reindeers :

But those one are a big surprise :

Photo: Sara Ingman/
They look so fun ‘n goofy and so cuteeee 😍

PS: i’ve also see they have bears & lynx 😱