We walk globule a little bit every where we can but it’s the first time we walk her on historic grounds… Along the Bernauer Straße, that street famous for escapes from windows of apartment blocks in the eastern part of the city, down to the street, which was in the West.

What’s that? More stones?…. muh…

Here a map of the memorial with is situated along the way of the Bernauer Straße. 

In segment D of the street

Oderberger Straße view from Mauer park on Berlin West, in 1968.
And the same view in 1989.

In between segment D and C of the street

2019, back in the 30s, the way it should always have been.

In segment C of the street

In between segment C and B of the street

The wall that sliced Berlin and probably this building in two. More information : If wall could talk : the new meat mural in Berlin

In segment B of the street