First you go to the checkpoint, they look at your passport, verify that you’re not a very dangerous terrorist and perhaps once in a while they look at one of your luggage.

They give you your tickets and a car sign to say that you have a pet on board.

This is the first ferry of the company to have dog friendly rooms, which mean we’re gonna be able to sleep with Globule, so no night in the kennel for the little princess :-p

And once you’re there, the only thing left is to wait for the parking guy to tell your line to go in.

And as we have special guest with us we wait a lot, because all the people with pets go to the very same and special parking space situated near the kennel and dog friendly cabins space, basically between the Deck 5 and 6.

On the map of the ship the different places we’re gonna go !

The cabin is nice, not as luxurious as the comodore ones but at least there’s a window 🙂

We reorganized a little bit the space, we put one of the extra mattress from the bunk bed on the ground between the two beds so we sleep : Globule / Daddy / Mommy for the first part of the night, for the second part Globule squatted daddy and she finished her night with mommy.