Welcome in the middle of nowhere

For all the wandering hobbits of the middle earth…

Blogging in Amsterdam

Double tree centraal Amsterdam – a room with a view

Steaks and cheese from Eastwood served with a view

The Eastwood is the restaurant within the hotel which i present it here. Totally good news, they serve their menu as room service !!!

The entrecôte cut.
For once i tried a new steak the Picanha cut. Really nice tender and fat😋
The cheese plate.

Cuddle me mommy 😇

Warm morning @ sea

In the middle of the sea 🐠 and night 🌛

When google map puts you in the middle of the sea and that’s not a mistake !!!

PaT’, not lost all the time
(thanks google map🤣)

A very quiet crossing on the King seaways

Where are the people ?! (i know there is one hidden in the last photo lol), but i’m out waiting for the duty free to open and noboby, no one, nada… oops! nadie ! That’s the first time we saw so few people, even in the parking space which is half empty… for sure for Xmas you go home not in holidays.

The Globule friendly cabin

The dog spaces outside have double in size that’s really good news !

A meal on the run 🥪

Glurps !


Last glinch before going 🌲

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