When we first found her we thought it was a troll.. but nothing happen at dawn she didn’t turn into stone she was still in a great shape… a house elf or a gobelin would you tell, with its big eye but she only have her fur and no clothes of any kind…for sure gobelin are too proud to go naked and house elves always have a tissus around them…we were still looking…

What a strange creature it is, expressing herself by a serial of little snoring sometime questioning or in acceptation… always ready to have fun, eat and sleep…. that remenber me of another kind of beast that live in some holes and love eating and napping… but i think i’m getting lost myself a bit here !

With the time we have took to describe her she was became a friends and a good one ! we finally call her globule for those two big globular eyes.

And now she’s sleeping, eating and playing all day long with us like a true hobbit… just one with a bit more of hair !


you can follow her tribulations there: https://www.facebook.com/globule.the.frenchie/